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Making your special day as fun as possible!

We have dressed a number of weddings in a variety of themes such as

Steampunk, Medieval, Georgian, Victorian, and 1940s.


A perfect wedding dress for a fraction of the cost ! 


You buy the fabric, we create your dream dress, you wear it for the wedding, we keep it for our stock...  

For the cost of the fabric and a minimal charge for seamstressing you can have

the dress of your dreams for your themed period wedding. 

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen can have matching attire.

Your family and friends can dress according to the theme. 

       If you have any questions regarding this service,
  or want to make an appointment to come and see us

please call on 01373 472786 or
email us


Advice available from our in-house  
professional wedding planner!


Paul and Danielle's Steampunk Wedding (27).jpg


"Having everyone dress up completely broke the ice.  Everyone spoke to each other.  Comparing costumes was a great conversation starter."


"We saved money on dressing the bridal party and can now treat ourselves to something special on our honeymoon!"

"Our wedding photos are just timeless!"

"It made the day extra special. Absolutely everyone enjoyed it!"

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